Junk Cars at Rudy's Towing & Auto Salvage

The great thing about our junk car removal service is that you have the potential to earn some cash on having us take your car away. Renting a tow truck on your own could be a lot pricier than using our towing service. In addition to special drivers’ training to drive a tow truck properly and safely, our specialists are trained on how to load your car up from even the tightest spots without leaving dents or remnants of the vehicle behind.

We distinguish ourselves from the competition in that we offer fast, reliable and hassle free service. Our auto salvage yard gets the job done in a reasonable amount of time. We are also willing to work in all types of weather, so call Rudy's Towing & Auto Salvage  today for a free no-obligation estimate. We specialize in cash for cars, towing and junk car removal!

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